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Longboarding Magazines

Posted on 02 March, 2016 in boards, books

Longboard Skateboarding (Daredevil Sports)


In 2012, a skateboarder riding a longboard traveled more than 80 miles per hour downhill to break the world record for fastest longboard speed. Readers are introduced to the many ways of riding a longboard, including in downhill competitions and freeriding. Full-color photographs highlight the fast action of the sport.

More magazines

Longboard magazines is a great source for getting longboarding info. It will give you articles about this particular sport and help you understand new developments. It will also keep you informed what is out there on the market.


Skate [slate] longboarding magazine:


Concrete Wave

A popular longboard magazine full of articles and products with close up sharp pictures. Bringing riders together.



S*pin magazine (UK)


A female focused magazine

This is especially targeted for female longboarders. (Also here some real girls longboards for you to select from) It represents women in the sport. Gender doesn’t have to stop anyone from doing anything.

Longboard Perseverance Quote Note books.

Great to bring to school. It has black and white longboard pictures on the front and you can customize it! Much better than your ordinary note books.

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